Tech slipping

Value trade back in biz?

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Markets bounced higher last week after the Federal Reserve stood pat on interest rates and its bond purchasing program but the Nazzy seems to be rolling and flat and earnings have largely been muted. More news was made on Bill & Melinda’s pending divorce.

But the HOLDers #Bitcoin crowd are leaving the coin in the dust and piling back into ETFs and stonks. Value stonks and commodity stonks. And Silver and Gold. And oil and natural gas. And corn and beans.

So the markets are gearing up to get back to taking care of business first. And that means growth. And that has not been priced in.

Don’t get up on tech just yet. The world is gonna need lots of cloud storage and servers. Lots and lots. So it’s all looking pretty green to me. Let’s see what the dip buyers do on the next correction down.

Trade well~